Pirštinės Bergen - granatų

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Viking pirštinių dydžių lentelė


6 (XS) 7 (S) 8 (M) 9 (L) 10 (XL)
Delno apimtis, cm 15 - 17 18 - 19 20 - 22 23 - 24 25 - 27

Vaikiškos pirštuotos

Dydis Apimtis, cm Ilgis, cm
2 9,4 14,4
3 9,7 14,8
4 10 15,3
5 10,3 15,7
6 10,6 16,2
7 10,9 16,7

Vaikiškos kumštinės

Dydis Apimtis, cm Ilgis, cm
0 8,6 12,6
1 8,9 13
2 9,2 13,4
3 9,4 13,8
4 9,7 14,2
5 10 14,6
6 10,3 15
7 10,6 15,4

Norėdami atrasti jums tinkantį dydį, pamatuokitę savo ranką aplink plačiausią vietą - dažniausiai šiek tiek prieš krumplius. Taip nustatysite apimtį.

Trumpas aprašymas

"Viking Bergen"-įvairių spalvų, minkštos pirštinės.

Bergen is a tested version of softshell gloves available in interesting colors. With a wrist puller and Windlocker fleece lining the glove provides a high level of comfort and warmth. Windlocker is a very light and elastic membrane placed between two layers of fleece. It protects well against cold air, especially against the wind, allowing the skin to breathe freely. It does not pill, is easy to clean, dries quickly, and it is resistant to any damage. The glove fabric also includes Thinsulate, which is a material consists of microfibres which increase the surface of warmth retaining. Used as a protection layer in gloves and hats, it keeps hands warm and provides comfort as well as isolation from cool air much more efficiently than other fibers. It does not absorb water. Additional hand reinforcements and wear-resistant material ensure that the glove will serve you for a long time during various activities, especially winter ones. Available in five colour variants in a wide range of sizes.

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